Another day, another hour.

I guess my body is getting used to running an hour or more at a time. Counting today, I’ve done it 11 times (three of which were on the treadmill, back when the ice storm made outdoor running impossible). Here’s today’s numbers:


I’ve been eerily consistent in the distances I’ve covered in an hour when running outdoors: so far, it’s been 8.13, 8.16, 8.10, 8.18, 8.09, and 8.19 km. And my two 10K times have been 1:12:30 and 1:13:28. So I clearly have a training pace that I can stick to!

My wife thinks that I will do better in the actual race, partly because of race adrenalin and partly because the Sporting Life 10K is downhill. She predicts a time of about 1 hour 5 minutes or so. I hope to find out one way or another! (There’s always the possibility that something could go wrong between now and then – though, so far, everything is okay. Did I mention that I am a worrier?)

I have a very consistent route that I follow when running an hour (see above). I like this route because it’s not crowded with people and/or their dogs, and I don’t have to wait for traffic much (just at Davisville and Merton, and I can usually get across without waiting, as it’s early). I hate having to stop once I get going!

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