Final training runs

I’m in the middle of doing my final training runs for the Sporting Life 10K on Sunday. Last Saturday, I did my last 10K training run:


My time of 1:11:06 is my fastest 10K so far – the others have been 1:12:30 and 1:13:28. This puts me in the time range for the corral that I am in on Sunday – the Orange Corral ranges from 1:05 to 1:14.

(Large races divide runners into corrals based on approximate times. This means that fast runners get to run with other fast runners, slightly slower runners get to run with people who go as fast as them, and so on. The Orange Corral is the second-slowest corral. The Pink Corral is the slowest, and includes walkers; that’s where I have been the last two years.)

My wife thinks that I will do closer to 1:05 on Sunday, thanks to race adrenalin and because the course is downhill. She suggested I line up near the front of the corral. I think I might go near the front of the corral but not at the front, as I don’t want to head out with the people who are likely to start too quickly.

That was my last training 10K before the race – this week, I am planning on tapering a bit by doing two 5K runs and then resting up. My first 5K run for this week was today:


This is about what I wanted, given that I was still a bit sore from running on Saturday and doing some gardening on Sunday. It was faster than my 10K training pace, but significantly slower than my 5K race pace. I’m hoping to do a 6:30 pace on Sunday (which would put me at 1:05!) but my real goal is to finish.

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