My latest training run

So I wasn’t sure what to do after the race. The day after the race, I had a couple of quite sore muscles, so I took the day off. Yesterday, I did some weight training, but didn’t do any leg work, so I figured I was good enough to go today.

I was, sort of. I thought about doing an hour, but wound up starting to get seriously sore at about the 50 minute mark. I realized that soon I was going to go from “sore” to “past my limit”, so I turned toward home and finished up a little shorter than planned, but still with a quite reasonable effort:


As you can see, I slowed up considerably at the end of the run. The race took more out of me than I expected. I’m not feeling too bad as I write this (Wednesday afternoon), but I might have to take things a little easy for the next little bit. I’ll decide on Friday whether I want to run that morning or wait until Saturday.

One advantage of waiting until Saturday: I discovered this morning that Mount Pleasant Cemetery was closed. The sign at the gate indicates that they plan on staying closed until 8:00 am on weekday mornings now. I don’t know whether they will enforce this or not – if they do, I’ll either have to run along the Belt Line or find a different route.

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