Sporting Life 10K

So I ran the Sporting Life 10K last Sunday! Some random notes:

    • It’s really convenient to enter a race whose start line is within walking distance of where I live. But I almost forgot to bring my Presto transit card with me to get home – I only remembered it when I noticed someone else that had theirs, and I had time to go home and retrieve it. It’s better to be lucky than smart!
    • There are a lot of runners in this event. There was a total of 17814 entrants. Here’s a photo of the start, looking back: runners extended off into the distance as far as my eyes could see. IMG_9495
    • I wanted to make sure that I didn’t set off at too fast a pace (or too slow). So I depended on my Garmin watch, which told me how fast I was going, and watched as many people around me disappeared off into the distance. (I caught up to many of these people at the end of the race, as they had started too fast.)
    • I’m grateful that I had a gel with me. I was starting to gork out at about the 6 km mark, and the food boost gave me enough energy to finish.
    • I was expecting to have more difficulty than I did – in particular, I was able to keep going through the 8 and 9 km mark, which I had had trouble with in the past. In fact, I felt reasonably efficient – I seem to have become fitter. Yay, etc.

My time was pretty much exactly what my wife predicted I’d reach:


And I was more or less able to keep a consistent pace:


The slow bit at kilometre 7 was partly because I slowed up a bit to open the gel, partly because I passed a water station, and partly because I was a bit slow. I slowed up a bit in kilometre 9 but was able to finish well.

I finished in 10977th place, and 247th among 377 men between age 55 and 59:


So I’ve achieved my goal: I’ve run a 10K race! Next up: the first training run after the race.

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