Back in the saddle

Today was the first day since the Sporting Life 10K that my body actually wanted to run again – I had forced it to go out on Wednesday but it was too early, and I was sore for two days after that.

I like going out in the morning, so that’s when I went, even though it was raining out. What I’ve discovered is that, once you get past a certain point, you can’t get more wet than you already are. As long as I wrap my cellphone in a sandwich bag to keep it from getting wet, I’m good to go. I must admit, though, that the hot shower when I got home was quite pleasant!

I ran faster than my normal training pace – probably too fast – so I ran farther in an hour than usual:


I hope to run on the Victoria Day holiday, as the weather will be quite nice then, but we’ll see what my body lets me do. The good news is that the various minor injuries I was dealing with before the race are gone; I only have a bit of a sore hip from sitting at an odd angle yesterday. For someone less than a month from turning 58, that’s not bad.

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