Yesterday, my wife and I watched From Fat To Finish Line on Netflix. It’s the story of a team of 12 runners who had lost an average of 100 pounds each before entering a Ragnar event.

A Ragnar is basically a relay race – each runner in the team runs a total of three legs of varying distances. The runners are divided into two groups of six, each of which has their own van. The vans ferry the runners from their finish spots to their next starting spots, and so on. A Ragnar lasts more than 24 hours, so runners run at odd hours of the day and night.

In the movie, the runners who had lost weight were filmed as they ran their legs, and they told their back stories, which featured pictures of them when they were heavier. The runners talked about how running had changed their lives and/or inspired them. I enjoyed the movie, but the testimonials were a bit too much for me, and they reminded me that I didn’t take up running for any of the standard reasons.

I wasn’t particularly wanting to lose weight, and I wasn’t trying to improve my fitness all that much. And I wasn’t looking for meaning in my life. I mostly started running because of curiosity: so many people that were close to me were runners, so I didn’t want to go through my life without trying it at least once.

I’ve stuck with it for three reasons:

  • It’s taken a fair bit of time for me to be able to run an hour consistently, and I would hate to lose it.
  • I’m a numbers nerd, and there’s always a lot of numbers to look at and crunch, thanks to my watch app.
  • I am a bit fitter now, which is a good thing.

But I don’t really feel inspired by my running. I like being out on my own with the tunes going and one foot going in front of the other, but I haven’t often had any sort of “runner’s high” – apparently, I would need to be running more to get that. And the benefits are offset by my tendency to worry about whether I will get injured or whatever. But I guess I’m going to keep at it for a bit!

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