Optimal pace time

I’ve figured out that my ideal pace time when training is about 7:30 per kilometre. That’s nice and easy, but not ridiculously slow. Yesterday, I achieved it:


I was a bit fast at the beginning, and a bit slow at the end, but it averaged out to a perfect 8 km in exactly one hour. Whee!

The cemetery was open this morning, so I got to run my usual route:


When I’m feeling more lively, I like to end on the same side streets that I start on, which involves a bit of a hill. Yesterday was my third run in five days, though, so I finished up Mt. Pleasant, which has more of an even grade.

I seem to prefer routine when I’m running – I tend to take the same route whenever possible. Eventually, I’ll get bored and want to change it up, but I like knowing that I’m on about the right pace at the right time.

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