Almost ready again

Since I last wrote here, I’ve done two more training runs:

  • Last Saturday, I did my first 10K since the Sporting Life race. It went reasonably well – I managed to maintain a steady pace. I ate a gel at the 40 minute mark, which meant that I didn’t run out of gas before the end. My time was 1:14.44, which is okay.
  • Yesterday, I ran for an hour in Mount Pleasant Cemetery (it’s usually open before the stated start time of 8 am – the closure that one time appears to have been random). I ran at a slow but steady pace, and got in 8.12 kilometres.

Barring unforeseen calamities, I should be ready for the Toronto Waterfront 10K on June 16th. Of course, something could always go wrong between now and then. At the moment, things are fine, except that I have a bit of a sore hip when I sit in my office chair at work for too long. My temperament is such that I never assume that I am going to be doing something – I always just hope that it will happen, barring something going wrong.

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