The ritual of running

I haven’t posted here in a while, but I’m still doing this. After the Toronto Waterfront 10K, I got back up to speed properly this time: I did two easy 5K runs before reverting back to my standard one-hour run, which I have done twice.

When preparing for my last run yesterday, I realized that there is a ritual involved, as there’s a lot of steps:

  • Body glide for sensitive areas in the upper thigh
  • Selecting a T-shirt (I now have a bunch of old race shirts to choose from!)
  • Putting on the shorts (this is more complicated than you might think, as they’re always inside out, and it takes a while to sort that out)
  • Finding where I put the cap that I wear when running
  • Washing out and filling the water bottles
  • Carrying a spare gel in case I gork out and need food during the run (this usually doesn’t happen on my one-hour run, but it never hurts to be prepared)
  • Ensuring that my watch is charged
  • Ensuring that my running headphones are charged and are connected to my phone through Bluetooth
  • Picking a running playlist
  • Packing a 20 dollar bill, my health card, and my transit card, in case I get injured on the way (these need to be packed with my phone in a plastic sandwich bag to protect against rain)
  • Ensuring that my socks are pulled up so that they don’t bunch inside my shoes
  • Putting on my shoes and ensuring that they are tight enough without being too tight (this is usually a multi-step process)
  • Finally, going out there, already

I can’t imagine the level of preparation that would be needed for doing more serious distances than 8 to 10K!

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