Hi. I turn 58 in June of 2018, and I took up running at the end of May, 2017. I’m told that this is somewhat unusual – most people start doing this sort of thing earlier in life.

This blog is about my experiences going from being a non-runner to being a 5K runner to maybe being a 10K runner. But don’t worry – this isn’t going to be one of those inspirational tracts about how running is a spiritual blah blah blah. I’m just going to write about some of the stuff that happened when I started, and what is happening now. It might be of interest to other people who are either thinking of taking up running or are still running despite being well into middle age or beyond and not actually being an athlete or anything like that. (By general consensus, I was the worst softball player in the Don Victoria Softball League when I was growing up.) Fair warning: I’m an obsessive worrier, so there may be more descriptions of minor aches and pains than you really want to hear.

I’ll start off by going back to last May and writing up how it all happened, and then I’ll continue intermittently with new stuff as it occurs to me. Thanks for reading, if you’re still here.

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