Physiotherapy and the poor

In my previous blog post (scroll down!), I mentioned that I sustained an injury in May and June that made running impossible and has required several weeks of physiotherapy to fix up. I’m pretty much better now, but it’s left me thoughtful.

In my recovery process, I had two things going for me that other people might not be lucky enough to have. One was that I was aware of the principle of “active recovery”: sometimes, just resting an injury isn’t good enough. Without a dedicated program of exercise and physiotherapy, I would not have gotten better. The other is that I am financially stable enough to afford physiotherapy sessions – the benefits package from where I work covered some of it, my wife’s benefits package covered more, and I could afford to pay for the rest.

But I think, sadly, of people who do not have the favourable circumstances that I have. Many people my age, on sustaining an injury such as mine, might just have found it easier to give up – to go hobbling through life, taking pain medication daily to make moving around bearable. And many people can’t afford to go to a specialist who isn’t covered by OHIP, so they just have to bear it.

How many people exist out there who might have been able to lead a more active life had they been lucky enough to have the knowledge and advantages that I have?


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