High Park spring runoff!

The weekend before last was my second race ever – I entered the High Park 5K spring runoff. Basically, it’s one lap of High Park:


It’s a very pleasant run – the park is closed to cars for the day, and you get to run surrounded by grass, trees, Grenadier Pond, and other nature things.

The most interesting part of this run, though, is the last 325 metres – it’s all uphill. This hill is so notorious, in fact, that it’s called the Kill The Hill Challenge, and it’s actually timed separately.

Here’s the elevation graph for the run, showing the hill in all its glory:


That little sharp uptick at the end is the hill.

What I remember about the hill from the race:

  • Saying “Here we go” to myself as I crossed the timing mat to start the hill.
  • Seeing a man with a sign, halfway up the hill, reading “Motivational Slogan”. I think I yelled “Motivational slogan! Woo!” at him.
  • My wife cheered me on at about 3/4 of the way up. (She had run the 8K and I had cheered her on then. We work as a team!)
  • Because it was the end of the race, I could use whatever I had left in my own personal tank. When I got to the top of the hill, I staggered the last few feet to the finish, and then unleashed a torrent of obscenities directed at myself and the hill. Fuck, I was tired.

The run turned out to be a success – I was clearly in better shape than last fall, as I set a personal best!


You can see the separate timing for the Kill The Hill challenge.

By the way: I’m now almost caught up to the present time, unless I want to write about the last week’s worth of running on the treadmill, thanks to the unpleasant April ice storm. (I’m writing this on April 19, and you are reading it on the 24th.) I won’t be writing every day any more, but will continue to write here. Let’s see if I can make it to 10K!

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