Digression: we’re not “almost there”

Just a note, while I’m thinking about it: while it’s great to go out and cheer runners on at an event, it’s probably a bad idea to shout “Almost there!” as a form of encouragement. The usual response is, “I’m not ‘almost there’ until I’ve crossed the finish line and turned off my watch timer.”

It’s also bad form to ask a runner what their time for the event was. It implies that speed is important. Unless you’re an elite athlete (which I’m obviously not), speed isn’t an issue. A runner might want to achieve a personal best, but that’s as far as it usually goes. It’s best to ask “How did it go?” or just say “congratulations” if they’ve finished the race.

Given this, there are many schools of thought as to what makes for good motivational slogans. Usually, they’re a bit snarky:

  • “You paid to do this”
  • “Beer —>” (pointing in the direction of the finish line)
  • “Channel your inner Kenyan!” (People from Kenya have historically been good at long-distance running.)
  • “You can go slower tomorrow when no one is watching.”
  • And, the ultimate: “Pain is temporary. Stats are forever.” Yikes.

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