Last training run and last-minute worrying

Today, I did my last training run before the Sporting Life 10K. I planned on doing an easy 5K, which is just as well, as I felt somewhat sluggish today.


So now I’m all set, except for my last-minute worrying – what if something goes wrong? My current major worry is that my left heel is a little sore – I think it’s complaining a bit because I have to tie my shoe tightly so that my ankle doesn’t rub against the heel of my shoe. (As I think I mentioned earlier, I have wide feet and narrow ankles, so it’s tough for me to buy shoes that fit.) I don’t think this is going to turn into a major problem, but I suppose that it might.

And there’s always the possibility that I might catch a cold or other bug, or that I might pull a muscle or something, thus making it impossible to run in the race for which I have trained for several weeks.

I’ve promised my wife that I would try not to worry too much between now and the race, or at least not worry too much out loud. I’ll be sure to let you know, dear reader, whether I was actually able to run next Sunday!

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